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about buzzquarter

overview of buzzquarter

A vision of Tipperary County Council is to establish a digital multi-media corridor between Thurles and Clonmel in order to contribute to the economic life of the county and to benefit in a practical and positive way from the graduates in the gaming, multimedia and animation areas who are emerging from Limerick Institute of Technology in both towns.

To deliver on this vision, BuzzQuarter was established. BuzzQuarter is the first step in a series of initiatives that will be undertaken to stimulate and support digital entrepreneurs, early stage companies and existing creatives looking for a second centre location. The Studio will be the nucleus for a cluster of expertise, knowledge, talent and resources, identifying County Tipperary as a centre of excellence in the digital media space.

BuzzQuarter aims to support the creation and development of an ecosystem that comprises differentiated, but potentially complementary operators in the creative multimedia sector. Ideally such an ecosystem would comprise of start-up studios, satellite studios from existing sector specific firms in Ireland, right through to appropriately-scaled, FDI supported international players looking to establish in Ireland. BuzzQuarter will seek to engage proactively with recent and emerging graduates from the relevant LIT programmes in Clonmel and Thurles in order to encourage and facilitate them to start a digital business in the county.

why locate to buzzquarter?

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The seat ready studio is equipped with 4-desk spaces, each kitted out with a ready-to-go-PC’s loaded with Creative Cloud, Windows and Office, each served by a dual monitor array. In addition, the studio space has two Cintiq Creative Pen Display Tablets loaded with Toon Boom Premium. The studio has its own print facility. BuzzQuarter clients will have use of the QUESTUM Conference Room to hold meetings, and the shared coffee dock/café area and extensive car parking.

BuzzQuarter is resourced by a Digital Enterprise Officer who will provide a tangible link between studio clients and existing creative digital players and stakeholders across Ireland. The Digital Enterprise Officer will identify and facilitate the creation of opportunities for BuzzQuarter clients to provide services to the animation, creative and digital media industry, helping them to win business.
The DEO will promote BuzzQuarter to the wider digital business community, creating connections and networks to promote the activities of BuzzQuarter to help the development and expansion of the studio, securing public relations opportunities, high level itineraries etc as the project evolves.

Tenant Advantage Package will be delivered by the Local Enterprise Office Tipperary, who will proactively support clients and users of the studio, acting as a signpost to services available from all development agencies and organisations in a position to facilitate client growth and development. In addition to providing a dedicated Digital Enterprise Officer, the Local Enterprise Office Tipperary will provide the following supports:

  • Information & Advice
  • Mail shots and alerts relating to funding calls and opportunities
  • Mentor Support (both technical and business)
  • Access to the LEO suite of Financial and Non Financial Supports including Feasibility Study, Priming and Business Expansion Grants
  • Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters
  • Agile research and development support
  • LEO Innovation Investment Fund
  • On Line Trading Vouchers
  • Procurement & E-Tendering
  • Business skills training
  • Management Development
  • LEAN
  • Network opportunities
  • Media & PR exposure
  • IBYE and other awards including Boot camps and Master classes

In addition to a Digital Enterprise Officer who will actively scout for business opportunities, the Business Development Team and Mentor Panel consisting of business advisors and technical support will be available to aid the development and growth of client firms. Whilst we anticipate BuzzQuarter clients will have most of the technical skills required to work in the digital sphere, it is likely that they will not necessarily have the requisite knowledge to establish or scale their business – The Local Enterprise Office Staff are there to support you.

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tipperary – the place, the time

is an initiative launched in 2017 to promote County Tipperary as the location of choice to start, scale or locate your business. Tipperary boasts vibrant urban centres, a highly skilled workforce, an established sub-supplier ecosystem and excellence in R&D capabilities spanning five municipal districts. Ireland’s biggest inland county is home to some of the world’s largest organisations across the global technology, pharmaceutical, biosciences, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

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