//the story behind the brand – buzzquarter

Designedly  and Marketing eye  were engaged to create and design a brand identity and suite of marketing material to promote the new space in April 2018.

Both agencies worked with the Steering Committee to develop a comprehensive naming and branding brief. A brand architecture was developed that would communicate creative, leading edge, state of the art, high tech, developing, thriving, and future.

We created Buzz Quarter.

Why Buzz?

Based in Clonmel, whose Irish meaning is ‘honey meadow’
A rural setting but urban sounding
Bees – as a collective, working and living together.
Energetic, drive, thriving, supportive

Why Quarter?

Has numerous meanings such as;
a place to live or a district to work
a place for soldiers (history of army barracks in Clonmel & Tipperary)
people who provide help

Caroline and Una were delighted to be involved in creation of BuzzQuarter

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